Doing the right thing for Cure Kids

by Babich Wines September 9, 2021


Doing the right thing for Cure Kids

Founded in 1971, Cure Kids is now the largest non-government funder of child health research in New Zealand, with more than NZ$60 million invested into child health research projects spanning mental health, respiratory conditions, cancer, neurological disorders and more. The list of breakthroughs is astonishing, and has saved, extended and improved countless children’s lives for decades.

To recognise their important work in child health, and help Cure Kids celebrate their Golden Jubilee and 50th anniversary, the team at Babich Wines have created a special release of Babich Black Label Cabernet Merlot 2019. The release is limited to 1000 cases, with all profits going directly to Cure Kids to help fund the research that ensures they can support children’s health into the future.

The specially branded Cure Kids 50th Anniversary Babich Cabernet Merlot will be available in New Zealand from 16 September 2021, and only while stocks last. You can purchase exclusively through Glengarry stores and online at, with free delivery nationwide!

With a history stretching back more than 100 years over three generations of winemaking, we’ve naturally taken a long-term view of the world, working with an eye on the future and future generations. Our commitment to sustainable winemaking today, is driven by our commitment to those inheriting the world tomorrow.

And while sustainability, and caring for our vineyards and the environment comes naturally, so too does caring for our community through many years of support for causes like Cure Kids, and our desire to inspire community-minded thinking around the world.

If you happen to be in New Zealand and in a position to support Cure Kids, we’d encourage you to join us by purchasing in-store or online, and be rewarded with a stunning, limited release wine in the process!

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