As winemakers for over 100 years, through many years of drought and growing pressure on natural resources, Babich Wines has learnt to appreciate the value of water. It is vital to the wine industry, to people everywhere, and to life itself.

Help us help the planet

By supporting Babich Wines, you’re helping us to support Frank Water in their ongoing life-changing work, providing generational benefits to underserved communities around the world.

A global reality

1 in 10 people

1 in 10 people worldwide live without stable access to this precious resource.

62 million people

Within India alone, it is estimated that 62 million people, including 6 million children, have serious health problems as a result of unsafe water.

1 million people

Over 1 million people in India suffer from debilitating skeletal fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride in their drinking water.

So while making and drinking wine is a privilege we’ve enjoyed for over 100 years, water is vital to life. And it’s why over the last 16 years Frank Water has been doing their bit, working to bring safe water, decent toilets, and better hygiene to hundreds of communities and over 600,000 people globally.

Our story

From our family owned vineyards to your table, the taste of our sustainably crafted wines offer a direct connection to pure New Zealand, the beautiful country we call home.

Even after 100+ years and three generations, our long-held values – the love of our craft, doing things by hand, and caring for our land – still run deep in our veins today, defining why we continue to believe our collective future will always be more important than our past.

And, you’ll taste the difference. Because there can be no better way to create the world’s most deliciously sustainable wines, than with care, craft, and expertise, right here in New Zealand.


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