Riding the wave to healthier oceans

by Babich Wines September 26, 2021

Working with the environment like we do, we have a deep appreciation of its interconnected and circuitous nature. The rain that feeds the rivers that flow from the hills and mountains of New Zealand into the sea, all originated from the sea. And being an island nation, we New Zealanders have a unique connection and appreciation for the beaches and oceans around us.

That is why we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the Surfrider Foundation, firstly the originating organisation in the US, and now the Australian arm of their operation as well.

The Surfrider Foundation was founded by a group of surfers in Malibu, California in 1984 with the mission to protect the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through coastal protection schemes, education, public advocacy and clean-up initiatives. Over time, the Surfrider Foundation and its important messages has spread to over 80 countries and active chapters around the world, and an expansive volunteer network with the Australian chapter being founded in 1991 on the Gold Coast.

Among their most important and interesting initiatives is not only cleaning up plastic and pollution in our oceans and waterways, but working to prevent pollution in the first place by promoting good environmental practices at hospitality venues and businesses, particularly those on the coast, and advocating for marine protection and conservation. Their work in maintaining public beach access through advocacy and litigation has also resulted in dozens of beaches remaining open for public enjoyment and appreciation.

While there may not be an obvious link between Surfrider Foundation and wine, with Babich Wines’ long-running history of promoting sustainability and sensible environmental practices in winemaking, our support for likeminded organisations such as the Surfrider Foundation is an easy fit.

So, while the world is large, complex and disparate, it’s important to recognise that we only have one environment. When we each do our little bit, whether picking up a plastic wrapper while walking on the beach or supporting organisations like Surfrider Foundation, we can help ensure that future generations enjoy the world, and our wines, the same way we do today.

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