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Why we’re passionate about Sustainability.

This means ensuring we can make great wine in balance with our ecosystem. It’s in our DNA. For three generations, we’ve gently worked in harmony with the land and seasons to produce grapes of outstanding quality, making sure that our vineyards and processes get better vintage after vintage.

Doing the right thing
From the gentle care of our grapes and vines to the wine in the your glass – sustainability is something we’ve practiced for generations.

On the ground experience

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability these days – which can only be a good thing. But ultimately it starts on the land, with programs and policies covering everything from Biodiversity and packaging to water conservation and weed control. And there are four important areas of focus for Babich to ensure a sustainable future.

How we practice Sustainability

1. We’re careful with water

Water is essential for winegrowing – but through clever irrigation in the vineyard and smart technology in the winery, we’re already leading the focus on this important area, and aim to stay at the leading edge of water conservation into the future. Underground irrigation, vine monitoring, vineyard dams, rainwater collection, and smart technology in the winery all play an important part.

2. We love organic

For over 14 years we’ve been expanding our organic wines and growing processes – and by 2026 we’ll increase our organic vines by another 50%. Today, we offer seven organically certified wines, own one of New Zealand’s largest organic vineyards and are currently converting two conventional vineyards to organic.

3. We’re wild about fermentation

One of our secrets here is Barry. But he’s not a person – it’s a strain of yeast formally known as Babich Retained Yeast. It’s the key to our wild fermentation process, where we make wines with great depth and intensity – through taking our time, the natural way

4. We don't waste our waste

100% of our grape marc (the used skins etc) is composted, so we send nothing to landfill. In fact, we’re always looking for ways to reduce more waste, from purchasing supplies in bulk so we can reduce packaging, to recycling and reuse.


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