On Babich road, people tend to land on their feet

Right from the early days in Henderson the Babichs loved to entertain.

Josip and Mara would often have friends over for dinner and a few wines. Back then cars were fairly new and the roads were fairly rough, so people were still getting used to driving. One evening, after one of Mara’s delicious home-cooked meals and a couple of glasses of Josip’s latest vintage, their friend Paul jumped into his Model A Ford with his dog and waved goodbye to his hosts. As they went back into the house, Mara heard an enormous bang. Running outside, she saw Paul drive past the house a second time, waving happily. Failing to navigate the road properly, he’d rolled the car several times down a 30 metre bank into the orchard. The car, Paul and his dog all landed on their feet, so to speak, so he drove straight back around for a second go.


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