The time-traveller’s companion

by Babich Wines August 13, 2020

Each wine captures something of the time of its making – the summer heat, the breeze in the vines, the sun-baked soil. That’s why the same vine produces slightly different grapes every year.

As wine lovers, we get to revisit seasons past every time we sip a vintage wine.

Our winemakers at Babich spend their lives time-travelling, working with earlier harvests. While there are still wines from the 2019 harvest that demand a bit of fine-tuning, these days, most of our winemakers’ time is dedicated to the 2020 vintage, guiding this year’s wines to their eventual glory.

The classic Babich Sauvignon Blanc is nearing the end of its journey. The 2020 Babich Rosé is almost ready as well. Others require more loving care.

While this year’s great weather (coupled with hard work, of course!) means that all the wines are of great quality, our chief winemaker, Adam Hazeldine, does feel that the Irongate Chardonnay out of Hawke’s Bay could be the pick of the bunch from 2020.

Red wines march to a different drum, and for them it’s still early days, with many more months in barrel.

Our winemakers do not only get to relive the past when they taste wine, they also have to anticipate the future – how wines will develop over time, and what qualities they can acquire with careful attention.

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