Spring is the season for preparation

by Babich Wines September 30, 2020

For everything there is a season. There was a season for stripping down the vineyard – pruning the vines right back to lay the groundwork for the new growth to come. With the vines taken care of, we are shifting our focus to prepare the vineyard environment for the coming summer growth.

Part of what we do is maintenance – to make sure everything works as it should – and part is to improve what we have. Just as we want to improve wine quality year on year, we want our vineyards to be better and healthier.

To give our vines the best of everything over the growth season, our vineyard teams are going through the vineyard to make sure that all the drip lines are working the way they should, so that we can help the vines cope when it becomes too dry in summer. We’re also doing soil tests, to see if the vines will have the nutrients they’ll need.

With the vines’ food and drink sorted, we’re looking at the things we’ll need, such as the condition of roads through the vineyard, and the machines that will use them. These all get serviced.

When the time comes, we want to have all the tools ready to make sure we can get the vines to produce grapes of the best quality and desired quantities – so that there will be enough for everyone, and of a quality you’ll enjoy.

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