Come rain and shine . . . in the right places

by Babich Wines January 29, 2021

Winegrowers can be a finicky lot. We want the sun to shine on us, but for it to rain elsewhere. So far in 2021, our wishes have been granted.

Our Marlborough vineyards are seeing lots of bright sunlight, with less than half the usual amount of rain. At the same time, rainfall in the headwaters of the Wairau River ensures that we have enough water to give our vines the amount of water they need to flourish.

If it continues like this, the 2021 harvest could even surpass the great vintages of 2019 and 2020.

Of course, there is still 50 days or so before we start harvesting, and the weather might throw up some surprises. But we’re ready.

Fastidious vineyard management is often enough to produce good grapes in bad years. And in good years . . . the rewards can be even greater.

Over recent weeks, our vineyard teams have worked 24/7 to use the small windows of opportunity at specific stages of berry development to make telling adjustments, for instance through judicious leaf plucking.

If the rain stays away, it will be great. If it comes, it won’t be too bad either.

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