Coastal Cleaners – Caring For What We Love

by Heather Emond March 13, 2023

At the end of January, our Marketing, Sales & Marlborough teams, got together to clean-up the Wairau Bar coastline, located where the Wairau River meets the sea in Cloudy Bay, Marlborough, using Sustainable Coastlines DIY Beach Cleanup Kits.

It is truly astounding what you can find once you start looking. After only 2 hours, our team collected over 320kg worth of rubbish! Items such as:

  • A Washing Machine
  • Bicycle
  • Tent
  • Broken glass
  • Plastic cups
  • Car tyres
  • Coffee cups
  • Motor gasket
  • Cans / bottles / cardboard
  • Plastic tubs
  • Fishing nets / wire
  • Building materials
  • Fishing nets / wire
  • Ceramic tiles
  • BBQ grill

Such an incredible result after only a short period of time and a real eye-opener, highlighting the importance of keeping the places we love clean, and the significance of changing the practices that get litter there in the first place.

Our Marlborough Viticultural Manager, David Bullivant, had this to say after the day:

"The exercise reinforced our suspicion that small and large amounts of plastic and rubbish that pollute our properties and communities, far from the ocean, end up in the ocean and on our foreshores. Every single day we handle items from plastic bags to writing pens and these items are often subconsciously discarded on the street, but they don’t break down and rain, drains and streams transport them to the sea.”


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