2020 harvest capped with first wine

by Babich Wines July 2, 2020

The first wine produced from our 2020 vintage will be our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

The time it takes from grape to wine depends on the variety, the sugar content, the ferment temperature, the type of yeast and the style of wine you want. Red wines that require longer skin contact and wooded wines that have to mature in oak obviously take longer.

“We are lucky with Sauvignon Blanc that we can bottle it so quickly,” says winemaker Adam Hazeldine. “You get that fresh and vibrant pungency.”

While New Zealand’s most famous variety can ferment fully in just over two weeks, it takes more work and skill before it can be bottled. Every ferment is tasted, graded for quality and its characteristics noted. Then comes the difficult decisions about assigning batches to different wines in our portfolio, and blending them to achieve the desired styles of wine.

At Babich, we celebrate the fact that each vintage is different and its wines will be different from the year before. However, we do have clear ideas on the style of each wine we make.

“We never aim to repeat the flavours of our last vintage, but we do keep the style consistent year on year,” says Adam.

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